Title Reader Tips #1: Multi-Row Bookshelves

Hello readers!

This is the first in a series of tips on how to use Title Reader to maximize your reading time and minimize your book-hunting time.

Like most readers, my book collection just keeps growing. To make it fit, I've had to shelve my books two and sometimes three rows deep. Even after carefully making sure my favorites are on the outside row, sometimes I need to look deeper and there's nothing worse than trying to check the third row in and having to empty the entire shelf.

This is where Title Reader comes in. All you need is a bit of forethought, or one last time dumping all the books off your shelves. Title Reader works by scanning the picture, not your actual bookshelf. If your books are three rows deep, put one row of books on the shelves and take a picture, then put the next row on and take a new picture. If you label the pictures appropriately when you upload them - something like "bookshelf back row," "bookshelf middle row," and "bookshelf front row" - when you search again the label will tell you exactly what row the book is on.

And, of course, it doesn't matter in what order you put the books back on the shelves - Title Reader doesn't judge you for how well-sorted your books are.

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- Scott Dubinsky