Examples And Ideas

Hello readers!

Scott here, with some examples of what Title Reader can do beyond cataloguing books on shelves. You already know that Title Reader can find a book on a shelf even though the title is sideways. That's cool enough just for saving you from straining to look at the top shelf or bending down to look at the bottom shelf.

These pictures have been modified from their original versions. They have been formatted to fit your screen.

But Title Reader is smart enough to find what you're looking for no matter what orientation it's in. If, for example, your copy of Sabriel is upside down in a big pile of books, Title Reader can still locate it:

I moved the copy of Sabriel for illustrative purposes, but the other books were already there

Perhaps you're not into books, and instead you're a board game aficionado. Title Reader doesn't mind. If there are words facing out, Title Reader will be able to find it for you, like my friend's copy of Suburbia:

photo credit Josh Weiss

Or maybe you collect DVDs, and are worried that the text is just too small. Never fear! Title Reader is very good at recognizing text in poor conditions. Here's an overexposed photo from my mother, who wants to know where her copy of The Blues Brothers is and also to stress test the system:

Hi Mom!

Are you wondering if Title Reader can handle your collection? I'm going to start beta testing soon, and everyone on the mailing list will get a free account and picture slots to play with. Do you have a friend you think would like this? Let them know, and have them sign up for the mailing list. Until next time, happy reading!

- Scott Dubinsky